Monday, 12 September 2011

Market Drayton.

IMG_00029 Adderley    IMG_0028

I had an afternoon stroll around Adderley but didn’t find much of any interest except this unusual sign. Some friendly sheep came across to the gate to marvel at the sight of a human being, otherwise the place seemed to be deserted. There was a little stall beside one of Adderley Locks selling garden produce where we bought runner beans and apples. There was a steady stream of boats in both directions using the locks, so no water was wasted when we went up.

IMG_0049 Market Drayton Betton Mill B63We had a pleasant cruise through the quiet Shropshire countryside, then passed Betton Mill at Bridge 63 to moor a bit further on by the aqueduct.


This old Pillbox sits beside Bridge 62 where a footpath leads up onto the road.

IMG_0051 Sandbrook Vaults Tudor House Hotel      IMG_0052 Old  Flour Corn  Mills market Drayton

The town is quite pleasant and has an Asda and a Morrison's Supermarket, with a good variety of smaller shops too. We also found Wetherspoons occupying the old Hippodrome Cinema. We like their Coffee with Toasted Teacakes, especially when we can recline on the leather sofas to enjoy them. Market Drayton also seems to have suffered a fire  and the Sandbrook Vaults and Tudor House Hotel had to be rebuilt in 1653 using timber framing. ‘Rogers and Son Flour and Corn Mills’ remain in use as a mixture of commercial and residential properties.

At last we have some decent signals here for the mobile phone and internet again!

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