Thursday, 1 September 2011

Croxton Flash to Church Minsull.

IMG_0213 Tranquilty Anderton    IMG_0212

Having enjoyed the company of our friends Graham and Betty for a few days we said our goodbyes and left them in Tranquility at Anderton. Along the way Bridge 210 looked like a tricky manoeuvre to avoid the moored hire boats, but we got through alright. Bottle got rained on several times at the helm, but I didn’t as there were no locks to be done. I kept him supplied with vitals  and hot drinks as it was a tad chilly too. Luckily there were no other boats at Croxton Flash so we were able to moor there. After our evening meal we heard many raised voices which turned out to be a large family who were finding it difficult to get their 70’  hire boat to go round the bend. Bottle went out to lend a hand as we didn’t want them to run aground in the shallows on the offside. They were hoping to get to the Big Lock Inn, I hope they made it before it got too dark.

IMG_0214 Croxton Flash

Leaving the Heron in peace to catch breakfast we cruised off under grey skies. At Big Lock we helped a couple bow-hauling their boat down through it. They think they have the dreaded diesel bug and were going to fix it themselves once back at their mooring. We exchanged the last two locks with another boat coming down then turned right at Middlewich onto the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal.

IMG_0001 Wardle Lock MiddlewichA boat had just left Wardle Lock so we went straight in and left the gate open for one coming down.

IMG_0002  It was sad to see this house which appeared to have been completely burnt out.


This is the boat we caught up with at the next lock and the owner was operating it by remote control, amazing. It has it’s own separate garage which is securely strapped on and pushed along at the front.

IMG_0004 Victoria PlumWe helped him with the lock, then he pressed a button and the boat reversed for him to step on with ease. He sits in a comfy seat and steers from the enclosed cabin, perfick.

IMG_0005These former stables had been very tastefully transformed into living accommodation. Poor old Bottle put his hand into his pocket only to be stung by a dozy wasp that was lurking in there. He managed to pull the sting out, but his finger swelled up and went all red.

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