Thursday, 22 September 2011


IMG_0003 B10 Chillington Wharf    IMG_0002 B8

Leaving Brewood behind we passed under the grand balustraded sandstone Bridge 10 which led to Chillington Hall.  It was a very short cruise for us just along past Bridge 8 to moor as recommended by Tony and Jackie and what a lovely spot it was too. On a long straight stretch with views of the country all around with no  noise of the worlds transport whizzing anywhere near it. After listening to Sounds of the Sixties on Saturday it was a bright breezy day so I gave Oakfield’s exterior a wash and buff up. On Sunday we rang family members for a chat and e-mailed pictures of the weekend when we had seen them. In the afternoon we went for a stroll, then relaxed reading our books.

IMG_0001 Turnover B3 nr Autherley Jnct Monday we untied and made our way along to Autherley Junction. After filling with water we joined the queue for the stop lock, then turned left to moor just past it to go along to Morrison’s. We had now joined the Staffs and Worcs Canal and soon found ourselves negotiating a very narrow cutting through shear rock. luckily the hire boat coming towards us held back until we got past them. Then it was on to moor near Coven. Tuesday we took the path along the edge of the field, over the duel carriageway past the Church and down another footpath to the shops.

IMG_0006 path canal to Coven    IMG_0005 Coven footpath

We posted our cards, letters and photos off and called in to The Fox and Anchor for a drink on the way back. It was a tad posh and pricy so we just had one drink and left. Along the towpath we saw that nb Timewarp had caught us up and were invited aboard for coffee. Their Alsatian ‘Calli’ welcomed us, then settled down on her bed for a snooze. As we were departing the old folks moored behind them were moving off when we heard ‘man overboard’, so Tony and Bottle ran along and fished him out while Jackie and I pulled their boat in and secured it. He seemed OK and said that he had been in a few times over the years.

We spied a boat coming towing another, so had a look out as they passed by. It was Peter on nb Futurest who was being taken to have his big end fixed.(No not Peter his boat engine) Good Luck Peter, we hope that all goes well for you and your lovely boat.

IMG_0007 Coven    IMG_0003

This is the beautiful black cat who keeps an eye on us from the boat moored next to ours.

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