Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wheaton Aston.

IMG_0003  B40 Grub Street Cutting    IMG_0004 B39

On Wednesday we had a pleasant 10 mile lock-free cruise along to Wheaton Aston meeting quite a few others boats en route. There were some very high bridges over the Grub Street Cutting made from a mixture of Red and Blue Bricks and blocks of Sandstone.

IMG_0005 Norbury JnctWe passed Norbury junction en-route, we liked their trailer advertising their facilities which was in the form of a short narrow-boat called Judy.

IMG_0009 B36

We liked the curves of Plardwick Bridge 36, the bridge builders certainly had some fine skills as these bridges have stood the test of time well.

IMG_0012 Cowley Tunnel 81yds


Cowley Tunnel was only 81 yards long, but it was still quite impressive as it was cut through Sandstone Rocks.

IMG_0021 Diesel 72.9p litre    IMG_0024 B19

On reaching Weaton Aston  we pulled alongside the wharf at turner’s Garage to fill with diesel for 72.9p per Litre, brilliant.

IMG_0022 Turner's Garage  Wheaton AstonThis is the little garage viewed from up on the road, it reminded me of the one in the TV programme ‘Heartbeat’.

IMG_0001 B19

The iron sign of the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Company is on bridge 19 by the garage. It reads, ‘This bridge is insufficient to carry weights beyond the ordinary traffic of the district’.  It makes us wonder what those weights might have been and what increased weight it has to bear with today's traffic. Just as we were mooring up fellow bloggers from nb Triskadeika came by and stopped for a long chat. It was nice to meet them and find how much they were enjoying their travels aboard their new boat. They cruise for about six hours a day, so have covered quite a few miles already.

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