Friday, 23 September 2011

Gailey along we go.


As it was a bright breezy day there were quite a few boats on the move. We were heading a convoy of four which caused a bit of congestion at this bridge. Oakfields horn is given a blast when we can’t see what is around the corner. Luckily the oncoming boat hovered to let us all past, poor chap. We pulled over just short of Gailey under the Oak trees with acorns occasionally bouncing down onto our roof.

IMG_0002 Gailey Roundhouse ShopWe strolled along to the Roundhouse (circa 1880) Shop which has all kinds of wonderful tempting goodies which I succumbed to.  Timewarp came along so we helped them go down the lock as several boats were watering up and queuing.

IMG_0005    IMG_0004 Wharf Cottage 1805

Bottle did a bit of contemplating while I wandered about to find a letterbox. The Wharf Cottage of 1805 faces the busy Watling Street was delightful with it’s arched cast iron pattered windows.

IMG_0009 Gailey Roundhouse circa 1880    IMG_0009a Gailey Roundhouse circa 1880

This is a view of the roundhouse from it’s courtyard and when I took it I tilted the camera to give it some perspective. Then Bottle modified it, so, which image do you prefer?

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Bella said...

I prefer the first shot; the one on the left. Also love the first photograph in this post.