Friday, 2 September 2011

Church Minsull meander.

Walking down the busy road was a bit hair-raising, for me anyway! The narrow bridge over the River Weaver was only one car width, but even that didn’t seem to slow the cars down much.  IMG_0009 b1540 former Post Office

There are some delightful timber framed buildings in the village. This one was built in 1540 and used to be the villages Post office.

IMG_0006I liked the shapely legs on this one that are holding up the small room which protrudes out onto the pavement. On the opposite side was a smart pub/restaurant called the Badger. It looked as if it had been recently refurbished and the cooking smell wafting out from the kitchen was good. There is no mention of it in our Nicholson's guide however.

IMG_0007    IMG_0008

Here is a side view of the one above and another grand one looking rather like a dolls house. Because the road was so dicey we found a footpath that meandered through the fields and woods looping around to rejoin the canal. There were no directional arrows to indicate which path to take though. Anyway we met another couple who were going the same way and between us we managed to find our way through.

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