Monday, 29 August 2011

Moored at Moore.

We came back to Moore and we all followed the footpath up through the fields to Daresbury.

IMG_0202 Path to Daresbury    IMG_0208 Dorrmouse

On arrival there were roads blocked off and police in attendance as the Creamfields Festival was on over the weekend. We were very politely quizzed as to what we were doing there. We had come to see the stained glass windows in All Saints Church depicting scenes from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. These were installed in 1935 as a memorial to Charles Lutwidge Dodson who was born in the parsonage in 1832. Work is underway to create a visitor centre there too.  

    IMG_0209 Cheshire Cat

We liked the Cheshire Cat which graced the frontage of one of the houses there. There was also a lovely weathervane on the school there.

 2011_08_26_0790 -1

Walking back down via the lane there were sweeping views across over the Power Station.

2011_08_26_0793 -1


The thump of the ‘music’ from up the hill lulled us to sleep that night. The next day the fuel boat ‘Ariel’ came by  and filled us up with diesel, perfick.

The Bridgewater Canal is nice and wide and there are some lovely moorings along it. However boats with home moorings on this canal need a separate licence for doing so. We have found that a majority of these boaters travel at speed and do not slow down when passing moored boats.

They are actually spoiling their own canal as mooring pins are being dragged out as they hurtle by, as ours were. The banks will be breached and they do not seem to consider or even care about this likelihood.

We are glad that we are back onto the Trent and Mersey Canal again, moored at Anderton. Although in the evening a man who had drunk rather too much was trying to ride his bike along by our boat. Bottle, after ensuring he was not ill, insisted that it would be safer for him to walk, which he did do.

Then a hire boat pulled off from the pub moorings with several chaps on the roof with one sitting on a chair. I could see that he was going to be knocked off it when the boat went under the footbridge and waved to him to duck. He just managed to do this within inches of banging his head and being swept off into the water.

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