Thursday, 30 December 2010

All change.


Even though we have had a thaw and most of the lovely crisp white stuff along the towpath has changed to soft squidgy brown mud, there is still a thick layer of ice on the canal.

A few days ago we noticed a pair of human footprints along the edge of the canal, so it, or they, were thick enough! It is nice to be able to walk normally once out on the roadside and go to the shops.

We had a very nice cosy quiet Christmas here onboard Oakfield, we had our family visiting on Tuesday and we all unwrapped our presents. We ate some of those scrumptious Cornish Pasties for lunch that we got from the Farmers Market in Rugby. 

Now that our grandson is walking he has become very inquisitive and opened every door to see what was behind it. He has new shoes with flashing red led’s in the heels, he does a little dance to show them off. Although it was a brilliant day we were quite exhausted when we collapsed into bed that night.

On one part of the canal that is defrosted and crystal clear Bottle spotted a Sea Searcher Magnet on the bottom and went back later to fish it out with his Maxi Grab. Now we will have one each when we go fishing, hooray!

I am wearing my new thermal socks and they are very warm and comfortable. Bottle had a Rubik’s Slide puzzle for Christmas and he is driving me mad with the continuous electronic musical sounds and bleeps.

We are looking forward to nb Piston Broke’s next update and that Lynne will be posting some images of the new engine. I hope she won’t keep us in suspenders for too much longer!

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Paul said...

if you get bored waiting to see her new engine, take a look at my shiny new engine! still stuck in the dry dock lol