Saturday, 18 December 2010


IMG_0058 MouseToday we stayed in being cosy by the fire listening to ‘Sounds of the Sixties’ as we ate our breakfast. We are conserving our water by using wet wipes, I’m washing my hair in the sink and we are only having a shower when we really need one. When I looked through the porthole our mouse was outside looking all forlorn because the seed dish was empty. After I fed her she obliged by posing for photographs, I think there must be more than one though! I have a small Canon Power Shot A590 with a 4 x optical zoom, which I am still learning to use. I was quite pleased with today’s results though. We also had many feathered creatures pecking at our fat balls which have been replenished several times.

IMG_0051 Mouse

Well the temperature is due to plummet down to –8 or –9 overnight soon. So take care and don’t forget to feed the wild creatures who are having a hard time finding food at the moment.

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