Thursday, 9 December 2010

Community Spirit

IMG_0002 Oakfield

Today many of us were running out of water having been here for over two weeks now. Ian on nb Kara Sea slung his hosepipe over the icy canal and hooked up to the water tap opposite. After filling his tank John joined his hose  onto it and did the same, then it was our turn. The three boats further up by bridge 89 had to trundle theirs along in containers in wheelbarrows. Anyway we all helped and the job was completed before the chill set in around tea-time. I was glad that I had my warm fleecy green coat to keep all my bits warm, although our feet, and hands, got chilled standing on the icy path to continually fill all the many water carriers. Living among continuous cruisers is rather like like living in a small village, everyone seems friendly and keen to help one another. I can recommend the spiced berry cordial mixed with gin, or as a drink with hot water added, as a winter warmer! The birthday boy has been too busy today to celebrate so we may call into the boat cafe ‘Gongoozlers Rest’ for a BIG breakfast tomorrow. Bottle would like to thank everyone who sent birthday greetings. We hear that the ‘other’ birthday boy was working hard today too, cheers Paul and see you soon to celebrate with a few beers!

IMG_0003We are glad that we have an extra duvet and new fleecy waffle cover to snuggle down under cosy and warm at night. Some mornings the bungs are frozen to the windows, even though we have double glazed portholes. The ice is so thick over the canal now it will probably take several days for it to thaw out.

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