Saturday, 4 December 2010


Well here we are all firmly iced in again, but a little earlier than last year!

Fortunately we visited the services before we became stuck on this mooring.

Luckily, Gosty Hill also came by and stocked us up with diesel and coal too.

Although nothing is moving on the canals the roads are still pounding with traffic.

We caught the bus into Rugby to meet up with Piston Broke and Tranquility crews for coffee and a chat.

Piston Broke was meant to have had it’s ‘stretch’ all finished by now and mooring by us.

Let’s hope that it won’t be too much longer for them now, fingers crossed!

There is only a thin covering of nice dry snow here, so walking around is not too slippery.

The many footprints on the canal were made by Moorhens, Ducks and Canada Geese as they skated by in search of food.

They are able to drink and dabble under the bridges as no ice has formed there.

We have put food out for the birds, but also had a tiny furry visitor eating from our dish


Braunston Stop House and Gogoozlers Rest.

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