Saturday, 25 December 2010

Greetings Readers.


We hope that you are enjoying a safe, warm cosy Christmas day as we are. We have a reading of minus 6  out in our cratch this morning so have stoked up the squirrel a bit higher. The image above  is one of Bottles which we looked up in the bird book that our daughter gave us. It is a Redwing, there has been a small flock of them on the opposite bank eating the remaining Hawthorn berries all week. On Thursday we took the bus up to Rugby Farmers Market especially to visit the Gales Farm stall to buy some of their delicious pasties. They are just like the ones I used to make, very tasty, with plenty of meat and vegetables, so we are well stocked up with those now. When we popped into Asda for a few bits’ we unexpectedly bumped into Lynne and Paul, so we joined them for breakfast at Wetherspoons which was very nice. Yesterday I went to Daventry mooching about and to search for some more books. Before leaving I asked Bottle if he had got me a present, and he hadn’t. So, he said, while you are in town you better buy one for yourself! Men are so thoughtful aren’t they?  I gave him Whisky and chocolates and I had managed to find a Guinness cap for him to replace the one that blew off and sank in the canal. I started a boat cake off before I went and to my surprise he was putting it in the oven when I got back.


Here is one of our three visiting Robins, we also have Blackbirds who are at the top of the pecking order that chase off all the others. most of the morning has been spent on the phone chatting to friends and family. Later today we will be having a small roast dinner for a change, followed by ‘Boat Cake’ with custard, maybe and a large snifter tonight to keep us warm. Take care everyone, will post again soon.

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