Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

IMG_0008 frosty feather tree

This photo of the ‘icy feather tree’ is one I took yesterday as the winter wonderland has disappeared with today’s sunshine. The canal remains thickly frozen though, even under the bridges now! Our neighbour recorded a temperature of -8* overnight. When I went shopping in Daventry it was as though the bus was travelling through Santa’s Grotto with the frost twinkling over everything. Luckily the roads have kept dry, and therefore ice free, so far. 

IMG_0009  jasmine    IMG_0011

It seems strange to see the Jasmine flowering up in the village in such freezing conditions. All the Christmas cards have been posted and I have bought some ‘duvet’ mittens which are a great success when carrying the shopping bags home.

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