Thursday, 16 December 2010


Since the weekend we have been taking advantage of the lull in the weather and zooming about on our bus passes. Saturday saw us meet up with Paul and Lynne for a snack and a chat in Wetherspoons.

They were eager to leave the boatyard at Grantham's Bridge where they have been for the last umpteen weeks. Hooray, today they made it out to moor on the canal, although they still cannot move on because of the  thick ice, boo.

Braunston Locks are free from ice but there are still icebergs floating around, with ducks on them. A couple of boats have been able to move a short distance to get fuel etc from the marina.

On Monday I had a trip to Daventry seeking out more reading material and managed to buy a flat hose for £2 as an extra attachment to reach the water point.

Tuesday we travelled to Sainsbury’s at Rugby. The store has been greatly enlarged since we visited last year. The restaurant upstairs was very warm and welcoming where we killed time having coffee waiting for the hourly bus.

Yesterday I joined the hoards in Banbury to seek out the last Christmas gifts. Morrison's restaurant was packed to the gunnels with hungry folks, including me supping my favourite Carrot and Coriander soup. While I was out gallivanting Bottle was busy topping up our water tank and helping the others to do the same. Kathy also came along from A.J.Canopies with the cover she has made for our side hatch, it will let in extra light without letting the rain in.

Today we popped into Daventry to get some hose fittings and also ended up buying some little LED multicoloured lights at Homebase, half price.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, the weather is getting colder once again! Hope you’re all staying cosy and warm, except for those who are in Australia who may need to chill!

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