Sunday, 19 December 2010


IMG_0013 walkers         IMG_0012 Lonesome Pine

This afternoon I went for a long circular walk in the crisp clean snow. Every scene seems more spectacular silhouetted against the snow somehow. I started off along the towpath past boats with curls of smoke above their chimneys, I like the sweet smell of wood smoke. The entrance to the marina was crossed all over with patterns of ducks footprints in the snow that had settled on top of the ice. I popped into the little Boat Shop beside the lock and then on up past the Admiral Nelson Inn and back along the footpath through the fields. The farmer had fed his sheep and cattle and they were munching on their hay. I met quite  a few people and dogs enjoying their afternoon strolls, and a boy was sledging down the field.

IMG_0028 Sunset       IMG_0030 Moonrise

Through the village and down the footpath back towards the canal there was a lovely sunset on my left and the moon had risen on the right. As we sit here we can hear the ice crackling all around the boat to hold it in its firm grip overnight. It is quite amazing how the steelwork expands and contracts making extraordinary sounds in extremes of weather.

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