Friday, 10 December 2010

Day off today.

We toddled carefully along the towpath as there were still icy patches. Although the canal looks thawed in places it is an illusion with melt water  covering over the top of the ice. While we were in Gongoozlers enjoying our fried breakfast the small converted push tug called Hebe was dashing about in the marina breaking up the thick ice sheets. I think the ducks appreciated it and they also stood alongside the boat watching us through the windows as we ate. We popped into Rugby to buy a few things and caught a double decker bus home. Reliving our childhood we sat in the front seats on the upper deck. After going over several speed bumps and having to hang on and duck as trees bashed along the side, we were quite relieved when we arrived back intact!

IMG_0018   IMG_0017

The boat was beautifully warm as we settled down with a hot drink, Bottle on his forum and me doing some more work on my rag rug. I bought the sacking material and rugging hook for £5 down in Leighton Buzzard, but wasn’t getting on very well with it. I then resorted to a using a crotchet hook which wasn’t much quicker. While mooching around the charity shops I found a wooden handled tool with a metal loop set into the end of it. This speeds up threading the rag strips through as it can all be done from the top side, phew! So, I’m chopping up all our old T-shirts to use, and even one of Bottles good ones by mistake. Graham says he will save all his old underpants for me too, ha, ha! I will probably have it finished by next winter if I can find enough material, so save all your old T-shirts for me please. As you can see we have already struggled to put the Christmas Tree up, so we are all set for the festive season now.

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