Wednesday, 22 December 2010

More snow.


It was nice to welcome Paul and Lynne aboard for coffee yesterday when they came to buy a few things from the chandlers.They still have quite a lot of work to do on their newly stretched boat and I think they are glad to be out on the canal again at long last! Today we were looking forward to meeting up with our friends for our Christmas get together in Rugby, but we woke up to more snow. We’ve got about six inches now and from our mooring we could see that the traffic was creeping gingerly along the road. So, unfortunately we had to forego our trip as we weren’t sure if we could get there and back safely.


These pictures are taken from Braunston Junction, one looking down the Oxford Canal towards the turnover bridge, the other under bridge 94 towards our boat. There has been quite a bit of activity as people had to come to replenish their water supplies.

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Paul said...

excellent photos, worthy of a christmas card