Saturday, 8 January 2011

Biding Time.

One of our lovely young readers has commented on our lack of blogging, so here we go! We are waiting here for two boats to arrive with our friends on board. We are hopeful that they will make it next week, for a celebratory reunion. I have been suffering with an annoying cough accompanied by a lot of sneezing recently, not really classed as a cold, but very similar. Since I have had a tip on how to successfully cook jacket potatoes in the ash pan I haven’t had to go out for my jacket potato fix. In fact we have eaten on board all over the festive season. However on Thursday we went to Sainsbury’s and enjoyed a nice snack in their new restaurant, before getting food to stock up our cupboards. On Friday we met up with Lynne and Paul for a bite to eat in Rugby Wetherspoons which was great fun, you can read Lynne's hilarious report about it on her Piston Broke blog.


Well we have been moored by seven other friendly boat crews which has made our time here being iced in go more quickly. As the ice had melted somewhat the fuel boat Gosty Hill set off on Thursday night to his waiting customers north of here. They have been great company and supplied  all our coal and diesel needs while they have been stuck with us. We are already missing them and all their amusing travel stories and canal news that we shared over a few tots of whisky. Indeed they are a great couple and both work very hard to keep us all happy for which we are extremely grateful. Today the ice has been broken up completely by several boats creeping past us. We now have just a few small floating icebergs with all the sharp corners rounded off , so it is not quite so noisy as boats go by.

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