Friday, 17 December 2010


IMG_0008 Victoria

Today we left in a snow flurry for the bus stop and by the time we arrived in Daventry the snow was about an inch thick. We met up for coffee with our friends Graham and Betty. Then we popped into Tesco’s, by then the sun had appeared and began to melt the snow a bit, but it was still extremely cold. Apparently the G02 bus from Banbury was held up by an accident, so we had a longer wait for the No 10 to come along. By then our feet were frozen to the concrete and our bums almost welded to the metal bus shelter seat! Anyway we got back OK in time to see a boat crunching it’s way through the ice towards Hillmorton. It was ‘Victoria’ creeping along. Once she had stopped and had her cargo moved towards the back to lower the propeller deeper into the water she set off a bit faster. I quickly got my camera to take a few shots of her underway.

IMG_0009 Victoria

Our fuel boat ‘Gosty Hill’ has had three attempts to get underway in that direction, but had to reverse back. I wonder if Victoria will make it to Hillmorton before dusk? Another one has just gone past, it is to dark to be able to see its name.

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