Friday, 1 January 2010

Braunston Sunrise

This is the lovely view across the fields that we see from our boat every morning.
It makes such a difference to have the sun beaming in through the portholes and with the Squirrel being constantly hot we have that cosy glowing feeling. What a great little place to spend Christmas and New Year.

There are plenty of little footpaths here criss crossing the fields and canal bridges to explore, two grocery shops, a good butchers, fish and chip shop, three pubs and a floating cafe. What more could we want?

The highlight of the week was when our daughter and her partner brought our little grandson to see us. Although Wednesday was a gloomy wet day it was like having a little beam of smiling sunshine aboard, as he is always so happy, despite teething and having the snuffles. We cooked lunch aboard and found that our tiny folding table sits four people easily. The afternoon was spent having many cuddles and 'playing' the xylophone. Whenever Bottle has grandson on his lap he makes a grab for the beard  and practices pulling himself up on it, good job it is super-glued on!

Last night we wandered along to the Boat House with fellow cruisers Lynne and Paul (nb Piston Broke) and Graham and Betty (nb Tranquility) where we had a table booked for an evening meal together. I expect they could guess that we were boaters as we pealed off all our layers of coats! It was good to chat and compare all our cruising experiences, some very amusing and some not so. About three hours later we emerged all jolly into a thick frosty covered car park and crunched our way back along the towpath to our cosy little homes.

We didn't bother to wait for the new year to arrive and snuggled up in bed. We  were awoken by a very strange sound, a bit like the Canada Geese honking, I wonder what that was?

Anyway we settled down again only to have our sleep interrupted again by the church bells ringing in the New Year for about half an hour, luvly jubly!
It is great that we can keep in touch with friends and family by mobile phone and via the internet, when we have a signal of course, but it is not the same as meeting up over a meal and a few drinks in good company.

We wish all our friends, family and fellow boaters and bloggers happiness and success for the following year.

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life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Wishing you both a very Happy New Year, I have always loved following your blog, and have always appreciated your lovely comments on my blog. I don't need to tell you two to have fun in the coming year, because I know you will anyway! You, like me love your life afloat, and like me, I'm sure you feel blessed to have such a fab lifestyle. Its good to be back, and once again Thanks for your support.

Debbie Nb Tickety Boo.