Saturday, 2 January 2010

Three boats in the sunset.

Bottle has hardly noticed I was here for the last couple of days as he has had his head in a very good book that our daughter brought for us. It is Paul O'Grady's "At my mothers knee and other low joints", which made him laugh out loud in places and recite bits of it to me. I will be reading it too, now he has finished it, but it will take me much longer as I will have to fit in all the chores around it! Has anyone else read this one?

Yesterday was lovely and sunny, but the ground was still covered in a crisp white coating of frost when I took myself off for a stroll around the village. The main street is lined with a variety of interesting cottages, non of which appear to be the same. I particularly like this one with the window in the roof like a half closed eye and the Moggy parked outside! The raised pavements are a very unusual feature, with pebbles set into the slopes down to the road with quaint little steps here and there. Some of the paviers are those nice blue bricks with diamond patterning on them.
I met several families out walking and many do a circular route which includes walking back along the canal tow-path.

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