Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Ladies Went Shopping

and I had a few birds round

It does seem to be thawing at the moment, though forecast says sleet tomorrow, we shall see.
We are all going for a curry tomorrow night, well they are, I shall not be taking part as curry and me do not get on very well, will just have to hope there is something else on the menu.
Wozie has returned from the shopping expedition, to Banbury and not spent much.

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Nurnal said...

Well at least you've not been made into icicles or worst runny noses frozen with attractive drips accompanying!
How many layers has Wozie got on I wonder?!
Here in our neck of the woods the snow is coming down nicely. I can say that as we are not out in it and the little one is tucked up snug and warm :-)
We've not lost what we gained last week so in total it's about 5 inches - not seen that since I was a 'little' one and my daddy was digging out the V8.
We all wish you well and snuggly warm, you can always cuddle each other for warmth as a last resort ;-)
Take care, love and hugs.
XX oh and can't forget the little one xxxxxxxxxxxx