Thursday, 28 January 2010

Rest Day

After the last two days we thought it best to rest and recuperate and  there were people and a cat to visit.

We sauntered down the tow-path to pay our respects to GC (Ginger Cat) a superior cat of renown.
He even has his own web page, LINK

Sorry about the quality taken on phone without flash and edited

He did not even stir from his lofty throne so, we talked to his owners servants, Graham and Jane for a few hours.
Jane has and still is 'in the wars' having had a finger trapped in a car boot and recently whilst walking fractured her ankle in three places and is still on crutches.
Graham feeling left out managed to fall in the boat and crack a rib.
The local boat community has rallied round and given them lots of help, for which they are very grateful.

We returned to Oakfield, via the local shop, for lunch and have not done much since.

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