Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Got any O's?

Graham tapped on our door and said he was going to try to fill up his boats water-tank as it was nearly on empty.
Braunston Wharf Chandlery had very kindly lent him several water carriers and I had already bought a folding one.
Keith and Paul brought an o's each and the three of them went off up to the water-point at Midland Chandlers armed the containers to find that other boaters had already connected up a hose across the canal with two others joined on .
After connecting theirs to these they reached nearly up to bridge 90. All they had to do then was to continuously fill up their containers and transport them on their trolleys for about 250 metres to the boats.
It only took about 5 hours and job done!
Never-mind we are all off up to the Boathouse later as it is their cheap curry and drink night
Yesterday we had a girls day out by bus to Banbury and the snow looked thicker there.
Lynne bought some new jeans and a top, Betty got two new tops and I got some thermal underwear.
The bargain of the day was a pack of three funnels, one for each boat, bought from the pound shop for filling up the water tanks.

Today Lynne and I went to Daventry to Tesco's food shopping.
While we were waiting for the bus back we did chat to the crew of Timewarp who are moored by the young offenders further up the canal.
They had bought a large tin of biscuits for the prison staff who have kindly allowed them access to their water tap.
Perhaps we may meet the crew of Derwent 6 in Wetherspoons one of these days, who knows!

We had another coating, about an inch, of snow overnight.

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Del and Al said...

Hiya, let us know if you pop into Daventry again and we'll meet you there :-)