Saturday, 16 January 2010

From white to green

 Mr Blackbird considers this his own feast and chases the other birds away.

Yesterday I walked along to the laundry room in Braunston Marina where there is a boaters book exchange  and got two different books. This is a fantastic facility and their are others like this that we have found in other places too.
As I wandered back past nb Piston Broke I was presented with a little warm package which was some Boat Cake freshly made by Lynne for our tea. It was full of delicious fruit and nuts, it is very rich and similar to Christmas Cake. That cheered up a very dull day for us, thank you Lynne!
Last night was very wet and windy and the snow has almost all been washed away, but the canal is still quite frozen. We haven't even ventured outside for a walk round today but sat by the fire reading books and blogs.
It will be great to be on the move again and to go exploring in new places.
Tomorrow we are wending our way up to the Old Plough to see what their Sunday lunch is like!

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