Sunday, 27 December 2009

Slightly Sheepish

The snow and frost seem to have disappeared for the moment, but whatever the weather is like it doesn't stop the sheep from doing what sheep do. They are very hardy creatures and always carry on reward-less.
There are quite a few fields of sheep along the banks of the canal. As we were cruising along towards Braunston the Medieval ridge and furrow mounds were nicely highlighted in the low winter sun.
I think sheep are my favourite animal and are at their best roasted with a little mint sauce!

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Dave Winter said...

Hi Wosie & Bottle,
May you have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and a great year for cruising.
Yes I follow Piston Broke and very much enjoy his blog.
I hope the wine goes down well.I now realise Bottle is a whisky man,so next time......
Sorry I took time to answer your comments,I must read my own blog more often :-)