Sunday, 24 January 2010

Everything Happens at Once

Earlier in the week we had arranged to meet Del & Al (Derwent 6) on Saturday but we then heard that Gosty Hill (fuel boat) had had his hole welded and was on his way, expected Saturday morning.
We like our two neighbours were in need of diesel but we would not be here when Gosty arrived Mmmmm but our good neighbour on Tranquillity agreed to be at 'home' and ensure that we were filled.

We were up in plenty of time so, as we had let the fire go out over night, I decided to sweep the chimney. A bit of a non event as it all went well.
We have had solid fuel fires before and are used to chimney sweeping but was a little surprised as to how much 'soot' was up there.
Having used Taybrite until now, we have on recommendation changed to Stoveglow and initial thoughts are that it is better, less ash, lasts well and gives out more heat and as Wozie has just reminded me it is cheaper.
Even Wozie was too hot and the cratch doors were opened.

We set off for the bus, leaving the diesel money with Tranquillity, arrived in Daventry in plenty of time so a quick visit to the bank and a hardware store, before we met Del and Al in Wetherspoons.
We were a little early, had a quick look round but they had not arrived, decided to order some drinks, no sooner had the money come out of the wallet and they were behind us, strange that.

Suffice it to say a very good time was had by all, catching up on all the events that had happened since our last meeting at Stoke Bruerne. Thanks guys, will see you at Crick if not before.

We eventually parted, Del and Al to walk back to their boat and us to Tesco, managed to catch the last bus back, driver must have been keen to get back to the garage, it was a terrible ride.

Back on board about 5:45and...........................relax. 

Approach with caution
Known to be excellent company

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Del and Al said...

And a lovely lunch it was too! Take care and happy travels x