Sunday, 10 January 2010

Friends, feathered and otherwise.

Our boat is acting as a hide and I am just pointing the camera through the porthole window to take these shots of the birds visiting the food dish. I have bought some Songbird and Robin food, it's amazing how quickly they spot you topping up their food dish.

Yesterday six of us went into Daventry by bus for a snoop around the shops. Graham and Betty went hunting puzzles and books around the many charity shops. We bought a small hoover for the boat from Argos, then met up with Paul and Lynne in Wetherspoons for brunches. It made a bit of a change to get out and briefly jostle with the hoards of shoppers, but nicer to return to a quiet cosy warm boat.

During this icy cold weather it saves our precious resources on-board if we can eat out and use the facilities while we are there too!

Our supplies of coal are running rather low and we are thinking of clubbing together to have a bulk coal delivery as the Gosty Hill fuel boat is also stuck in the ice about eight hours away, in normal circumstances and not allowing for his deliveries on the way.

In the evening we all slithered along the tow-path and up at the Boathouse for a long chat over a few drinks.

We are all about the same age and it is interesting to learn about all the different paths each others lives have taken over the years and to share experiences.


Del and Al said...

Hi guys
Don't know if anyone around you has access to a car, but the coal boat here is stuck at buckby top lock, right next to the BW car park.

Del and Al said...

Just been along to get our coal, and found out that Jules is doing deliveries at the weekend as she has access to a van then. She said if you would like a coal delivery, just give her a ring as soon as possible, so she can arrange her route. Coal boat is Towcester, let us know if you need the number :-)