Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Three boats in the snow

After the canal has frozen over several times, today we had our first snow overnight. At least we can all visit each others boats for tea and cakes in the afternoons which is a nice way of passing the time of being stuck here for a while. I popped outside only long enough to take a few quick photos for the blog as there was a cold wind blowing the snow at me.
Yesterday Bottle went for his first bus ride in donkeys years with me into Daventry to get some much needed supplies in Tesco's. We caught the Geoff Amos yellow bus there and the Stagecoach bus back. I wonder why two companies run buses at almost the same times on the same route? Anyway we just got on the one that arrived first as it was so cold. We have put some birdseed out for the little critters but  they haven't noticed it yet. We are missing all the Canada Geese, Moorhens and ducks as they have scuttled off somewhere else. At least we had a gang of six men along the towpath cutting back the bushes yesterday. The blower they had was a bit useless at clearing away what had been cut down though! So I suppose we'll have to do that ourselves. Now we know why a man went by carrying his bicycle, he must have read Maffi's blog I guess!

There are six little recesses in the canal bridge and small clusters of snails are hibernating in each one.


Del and Al said...

Hi both
It was cold yesterday wasn't it! Like the pic of the snails.....Take care in the ice & snow xx

Mike said...

Hi both sorry to here you are icebound. Very cold and snowy here -12 last night.
Hope you are both well. Keep warm and safe. xx