Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We left our mooring, after saying a farewell to nb Florence E, near Wormleighton at about 10:15, a slight overcast sky and there was ice just round the first bend. The ice was quite thin, the wind was light but cool cold.

A couple of hours leisurely cruising saw us at the top of Claydon locks, Oh! I forgot did mange to run aground on a tight bend but with deft usage of reverse and a shaft extradited ourselves without to much bother.

Just before the last lock a small deer appeared in the field along side us, it bounded off leaping over the ridges of the ridge and furrow, a beautiful sight.
 As we entered the second to last lock Wozie noticed it swimming in the canal, concerned we watched as it swam 'downstream' between the moored boats. It could not get out because of the arncove but luckily it had the sense to return from whence it came and left the canal where it had entered. Relief.

Locks complete and it started to rain, now carry on or moor, we carried on.
The wind level increased and at the next lock got pinned against the side, still we moved on compensating for the wind, nearly all the time.
Have reached Cropredy.
Shall I, shan't I

Yes I will

Isn't she great.


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whos that making a wish over the lock gates

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