Friday, 8 January 2010

Feeding the Birds

Great Tit.

After putting out some bird seed, crushed nuts and porridge oats in a dish outside we were delighted that quite a few birds have been down to feed already. Although, a gang of men came along the tow-path with hedge-cutters, a giant mower and a useless blower yesterday, and I had to run outside and rescue the birds-food before they mangled it up! We have seen, Blackbird, Robin, Sparrows, Great-tits and Blue-tits visiting so far.

 The view looking up towards the village.

We can thoroughly recommend the lovely beef and onion pie we ate for lunch from that the Braunston Butchers that they make themselves.This afternoon we went for a stroll along to Braunston Marina to take some books to exchange in the Laundry Room there. Vulcan and Dover are moored here at the moment. There are quite a few people on their boats along the way as most of the chimneys were smoking away. Why does everything look so much nicer with a covering of snow on it I wonder? Perhaps it's because it hides all the rubbish that people deposit in the bushes. It was business as usual in the canal boat workshops and also up in the village, as all the schoolchildren came into the shop with their mothers.
I hadn't realised just how cold it was until I came back aboard to sit by the fire and drink a welcoming cup of tea.
We will have to get a max and min thermometer to go out in the cratch I think!
So that I will know know cold I am.

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