Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lubenham Lodge Bridge 58.

  IMG_8700 Lubenham Lodge Bridge 85     IMG_6591    IMG_8710

We spent a few days here as we thought that all the mooring spaces nearer Foxton would be taken. It is a lovely spot here as you can see for miles across the countryside. most days someone came to the field nearby to train sheepdogs to herd the sheep. Half the sheep were black and the other half white and they were being separated in half by colour, clever eh? There are some elegant horses strolling around in their enclosures too. We thought there were Mink hereabouts too, as I found a small scattering of fish scales with a fishtail on the grass by the canal. Easter seems to be the time when marina dwellers take their boats out for a run, there and back again, to see if they are still working. Hire boats are also running to and fro their base in Market Harborough, along with lots of other boats too. Walking down to the locks from here is quite a stretch, but I like to get some daily exercise in anyway, even when it is raining!

IMG_8713    IMG_8724    IMG_8726

Some of the boaters had been applying plenty of elbow grease to obtain the desired mirror finish to their paintwork. Some others  hadn’t bothered though! The weekend was rather quiet because of the weather, however Monday’s warm sunshine brought out crowds of sightseers and gongoozlers. This was brilliant for the trading boats, stalls, cafes and pubs with many customers sitting outside in the sun. Maybe not so good for boaters descending the lock flight though, as people tend to stand in their way and ask all sorts of questions.

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