Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Onwards to Twyford Wharf.

IMG_8928            IMG_8929

Hamish was put on bow hauling duties as we cruised off below Tom Rolt’s Bridge, then under the lift bridge for the use of the water tap. The tap at Banbury service station is not working and the rest of it is rather run down too. In fact it is an absolute disgrace to the town of Banbury!

IMG_8930            IMG_8931

Another stop was made for a quick trolly dash to Morrison's, then after a coffee break we cruised away again, leapfrogging with nb Inca.

IMG_8933 IMG_8935 IMG_8936

Gary and Hamish waiting for Carolyn to come aboard, then it was our turn to go down Grants Lock. There they go cruising away into the distance. We left the bottom lock gate open there as we could see another boat approaching. It was a friendly bunch of girls dressed up very smartly indeed, made the Cabin Boy drool anyway!. They were cruising along nice and steady and thanked us for leaving the lock ready for them, how polite is that?

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Gary Carolyn said...

I must admit ,I had a bit of a drool myself !!!!