Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Souldern Wharf.

IMG_8954 IMG_8953 IMG_8955 IMG_8956a

Lovely wide towpath here overlooking beautiful green fields with sheep over on the distant hill slopes. Plenty of solar rays to pick up on here and some very weird looking plants resembling Asparagus bordering the towpath. As we didn’t know what they were we let them be. It got very cold in the evening so we fired up the Squirrel and hunkered down to cook our evening meal watching the sun set through the kitchen porthole.

IMG_8958 IMG_8959 IMG_8960

Early next morning we were off down Somerton Deep Lock which was easy with the assistance of the two Cabin Boys, but a tight squeeze coming out under the bridge.

IMG_8965 IMG_8970 IMG_8971 above Allens Lock

Luckily there was a useful sign telling us where we were, just in case we had forgotten! It looked as if the old mill over on the River Cherwell had finished it’s refurbishment and was looking quite spectacular among the trees. We went on to moor above Allens Lock where we spilled out onto the towpath and Carolyn kindly shared her jam and cream scones with us, very delicious they were too. So we chillaxed for the rest of the afternoon chatting, watching the farmer at work and also a pair of Kestrels hunting to feed their chicks. Gary said,’This is just the ticket!’

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