Saturday, 4 April 2015


IMG_8689            IMG_8690

Finally the winds dropped allowing us to move on past the two marina entrances. We slowed as we passed a large flat full of Coir bungs with reeds sprouting out of them. After a brief ‘toot’ of our horn the chap in the waders waved us past. The water still seemed to be shallow where he was standing though.

IMG_8692             IMG_8693

The floating contraption was hammering wooden poles into the canal bed, then connecting them with continuous wooden planking and that black mesh stuff ready for to receive the coir ‘bungs’ and back filling. There seemed to be an inspection going on, so i asked if boats would be able to moor here and were the Water Voles still present? The lady answered ‘yes’ to both questions! Just before the next bridge the field to the right was almost covered in a thick layer of muddy dredging's. From then on it was lovely cruising along in the sunshine with the canal almost all to ourselves. However the breeze was still bitterly cold on our faces.

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