Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nice at Napton.

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We spent one night by the Bridge Inn where the Cabin Boy earned himself a tinny and a bottle of red wine for helping a couple of boaters out, hurrah! Cruising along on tic-over past the long line of moored boats before Napton a boater pulled out just as we were about to pass him. We couldn’t avoid nudging him up the backside or we would have been on the mud. He indignantly said ‘don’t ram me’ to which we replied we couldn’t avoid you! He then made the excuse that he didn’t see us and we told him he needed to go to Specsavers! There are some complete twits around because they can’t see further than the end of their own nose. Anyway we pulled in to water up then ascended the first lock to moor in the pound above.

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There was an amusing sign outside the little chapel and wondered what we might be smitten with that would stop us attending this fascinating evening! Onwards we strolled into the PO Stores for a couple of things and while there we treated ourselves to coffee and cake. After a peaceful night we were awoken by the hire boat behind starting his engine at 7.20 am and not moving off. For the Cabin Boy’s third good deed he jumped ship when he saw a hire boater ram the lock gates. They were stuck in forward gear even after moving it into reverse, then they panicked. So after being told to stop the engine, he assisted to pull them through the lock to moor and then to call the hire company to fix it. Isn’t life on the canals fun?

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