Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bumming around Banbury.

IMG_8926a IMG_8927a IMG_8925aa

Coming down our last lock as we drew near to Banbury we noticed that a HUGE warehouse had been erected since we passed here last time. The workmen were still working there so I asked them what it would contain. Entertainment Equipment, apparently! We moored up with nb Inca by the Spiceball Park in a nice sunny spot. Now we were limited to 48 hrs summertime mooring, so we hit the town over both days perusing the shops and visiting Wetherspoons. Ian and Alison (Gosty Hill) came by with Bosun and Kaleb for a catch up chat as we hadn’t seen them for ages, it was good to see them again. We took the opportunity to hit the shops here to acquire all those little things that aren’t available elsewhere. M&S have some lovely food, so we treated ourselves to a few of our favourite things. There were street markets to enjoy and Carolyn and I visited the hairdressers too. It was luxury to have my hair washed and be given a cup of tea with a chocolate while having my hair cut and blow dried. Even better because they have a special rate on Thursdays as it is their quietest  day of the week, perfick!

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