Wednesday, 22 April 2015

On Wormleighton Hill.

IMG_8891 IMG_8895 IMG_8893

Here we caught up with nb Inca in this lovely spot ‘on top of the world’, moored up, then spilled out onto the towpath in our chairs to a welcome cup of tea from Carolyn, perfick!

IMG_8890                  IMG_8894

It was a bit of a sizzling afternoon so we fetched out the funny sunhats and Hamish found himself a nice comfy cool spot to snore in. Later the drinks were brought out and we waved to all the passing boaters while discussing just about everything. As you can see most of the fields around here have turned bright yellow now and we had the most spectacular sunset over by the old Radio mast, luvly jubbly!


Snowy Owl said...

My favourite mooring spot!

Gary Carolyn said...

That was just the ticket !!!!