Monday, 6 April 2015

Mountain Barn Bridge 27.

 IMG_8695          IMG_6040 Welford Jnct

After spending a nice quiet night here we set off under an unusual grey motley sky. Cruising along out in the open on the stern we are always interested in the different patterns that the clouds may form. It wasn’t at all ‘murky’ as the weatherwoman said, but nice and dry with the sun eventually poking through. by the time we paused at the Welford Arm for a coffee break, there were a few boats on the move.

IMG_8696            IMG_8697

As we passed the new marina being dug out at North Kilworth we could see the progress that had been made so far. Then it was onwards to Husbands Bosworth Tunnel which is fairly straight and only 1166 yards long. We were almost through when we saw a boat approaching under the bridge in the distance. Instead of hanging back a few minutes for us to exit, he put his tunnel light on, barged in a and hit us. Needless to say the Cabin Boy had a few words with him as we passed him! More unnecessary touching up to be done now, grrr.

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