Friday, 18 July 2014

Up Lapworth Locks.

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We paused for a break at Kingswood Junction, then turned north onto the Stratford Canal.The going would be easier from now on as the locks were all single chambers, phew. After doing seven locks we moored up for the night.Then I popped into the bustling little Canal Cafe/Shop where there were some delicious looking homemade cakes on display. Well of course I was tempted to buy some, just to build up our strength for doing so many locks you understand! We were just having a relaxing time after our evening meal listening to Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene when there was a loud banging on the outside of Oakfield. It was fellow bloggers Brian and Dianna from nb Harnser who had caught us up and were moored a few boats back. We had a brief chat, then they went off for a meal at the Boot Inn.

IMG_6864   IMG_6867   IMG_6872

As we awoke very early next day and being fully rejuvenated we ascended the remaining thirteen locks in a couple of hours. Some of the paddle gearing was a bit stiff and wobbly. This idyllic cottage stands beside a typical cast iron bridge with a slot through the centre through which the towing horse’s rope would pass.

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