Sunday, 20 July 2014


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Tuesday we were off before 7am with not many boats on the move. Passing through the Guilotine Lock we turned left at Kings Norton Junction onto the Worcs Birmingham Canal. However we did meet a hire boat in Wast Hill Tunnel who didn’t seem to know which side to pass us on until we shouted out. They were translating to the steerer what to do and managed to bump us in the process! Emerging from the tunnel we had picked up a plank of wood and branch of a tree across the bow. We slowed down and went into reverse for me to poke it out of the way. There always seems to be an abundance of floating objects around this tunnel. Five hours from when we set off we were moored up in Alvechurch, hurrah!

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My afternoon stroll took me down to The boatyard to buy the Cabin Boy a new lump hammer for banging in the mooring rope pins. He had flung one in the canal with gay abandon and left one behind on the towpath somewhere! There were about 50 chaps working on doubling up two miles of railway tracks through Alvchurch Station. The two nifty little yellow machines can pick up a long length of track and transport it along into position. In the field opposite were some cows with fearsome looking horns!

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