Friday, 11 July 2014


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Oakfield had made it back to the wharf all finished, so we inspected it all round before it was dangled over the water and lowered in. We filled with fuel, paid our bill, then moved out onto the towpath to moor. Just before the Cabin Boy returned our hire car to Leicester, we met Mike and Gerry, nb Tubbs for a chat. It was good to hear that Mike was feeling much better. Later we cruised along to fill with water and overnight at Foxton. Next day we were on to Market Harborough on a two trolley run to Sainsbury’s to restock our food cupboards. It was such a hot day and we were gasping on the long walk into town, so we paused at the Wspoon’s en-route for drinks.

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Next day we had a text asking where we were and were up for receiving visitors before 9am. Well, the Cabin Boy always rises at the crack of dawn so we said ok. Graham and Betty our ex-boating, live ashore friends duly turned up and wanted to go to Wspoon’s for cooked breakfast, so off we all toddled. Back on board Oakfield we had coffee and cakes and chatted some more. Then it was time for them to leave for London to visit Graham’s Dad. Big hugs all around, then Graham checked his map and they were off. Lovely to exchange news of what we had all been up to since we last met up, bon voyage!

Our 48hrs was now up so we left pm passing by tethered horses who must have been dehydrated as there seemed to be no water within easy reach for them to drink. The foal was still feeding from it’s mother too.

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