Thursday, 3 July 2014

Foxton Festival.

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Via Norton Junction and Crick we went on to moor in one of our favourite spots by Lubenham Bridge 58 looking over the landscape above Foxton. We were up at 6am when the Cabin Boy started bumbling about the boat and woke me up. Mrs Swan swam by with signets on her back closely followed by her rear guard. The music from the festival could just be heard from here, shame. Anyway after our evening meal i walked down to see Paddy and Ruth and to see how Lister was. He has to be encouraged to venture out of the boat now, until his confidence returns, that is. He was friendly enough to let me to stroke him, but is very wary of dogs.The camping field was full of tents, caravans and motorhome visitors enjoying the many festivities, and evening gigs of course.

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After breakfast we were about to untie when a hire boat went past, bugger! Anyway, as it turned out, we were in second place to descend the locks, hurrah no waiting. There were many trading boats moored above the locks ready for another hot busy day. However there was no sneaking past Paddy, who popped out for a brief passing chat.

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The volunteer lock keeper asked us if we were familiar with the red before white paddle winding and of course we were. So he went to help the hirers in front and left us to it. We had a good run down, the sun was turned on and things were warming up, but more importantly, not many gongoozlers about! The Cabin Boy avoided hitting the corner stone when he crossed the pond to enter that lock. We emerged at the bottom where boats were already waiting to ascend. Luckily there was one empty spot remaining around the corner, so we quickly moored up, perfick.

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