Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Awaydays 3.

IMG_6740    IMG_6743    IMG_6746

Our last two awaydays were spent with our ex-boating friends who are now enjoying life ashore. They have been busy creating a wonderful shed/workshop among umpteen other little jobs they have all lined up. In the evening they took us down to the local Fish Restaurant called Papas where they served excellent fish and chips. To the Cabin Boys delight they served Dogfish, or Gurnett, which he hadn’t had for years, perfick. Then luxury indeed, we got to sleep in a proper bed that night, hurrah!

IMG_6752 IMG_6753 the samuel peto ws IMG_6754 IMG_6760

Next day we sat in the sunny garden eating our breakfast, then being a Sunday they took us off to Chapel for roast lunch. Well it was a Wetherspoon’s and inside the organ was still in place behind the bar and the ceiling was painted blue with white fluffy clouds. Afterwards we walked our lunch off along the cobbled streets by the harbour filling our lungs with sea air, hmm..

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