Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gloucester Docks.

 IMG_6954 IMG_6955 IMG_6966

Once in the Glos Lock we ascended with two plastic boats, then we turned to the left to moor on the pontoons. The’ dredging’ boat was sweeping around the basin stirring the mud up and making a heck of a racket until 6pm. The mud was being flushed out through the lock into the river. This seems to be rather an expensive pointless exercise as the water intake for the Sharpness Canal is just down river from the lock! Later the hoards descended to sit outside Fosters pub eating, drinking and making merry,    noisily! Then a massive plastic boat pulled in nearby, went up on his poop deck with a drink and played very loud ‘thump/bang music until after we managed to get to sleep at about 10.30pm. Who needs an alarm clock when loads of Seagulls start circling round screeching loudly at c 4pm! Nodding off again we were woken at 8pm when the dredger ground into life see-sawing all around the basin, luvly jubbly.

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