Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gloucester City.

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Whilst moored so near to the city we made the most of perusing the shops and going out for lunch. Nb Kalimi came to moor nearby so we had a chat with them as we haven’t seen them for ages. There are always some interesting boats to be seen in the dock area and in Neilson’s Yard for work. We popped over for a snack in the busy little cafe on the dockside called ‘Toast’. Here you can have any choice of fillings in a toasted sandwich, brilliant idea! We got chatting to a couple who live hereabouts who told us of all the changes that were due to happen. I was disappointed to see that at least two shops had closed and had changed over to posh coffee houses. When our 48hrs was up we cruised on down to Sainsbury's as the cupboards and fridge needed filling up. After replacing the thermostat and control panel in our freezer we gave up it and tried running it on a timer for a while. Now we have decided to buy a new one if we can persuade someone to deliver it to Oakfield and maybe collect the old one. Surprise, surprise, we saw Nb Balmaha en-route and when they stopped off for shopping Nessa came around for a bit of a catch-up chat.

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