Thursday, 31 July 2014

Keeping Up.

IMG_7034a                  IMG_7047a

Twas a lovely surprise when we saw nb Keeping Up gliding past our side hatch windows, so we called out to them. A few minutes later Alan and Debbie were breasted up with us for the night. Later on we joined them walking up to The Tall Ship by the dock entrance for an evening meal together. There was a wide choice of every kind of fish dish on offer that you could imagine. We ordered pints of Swordfish all round, then sat down as the menu took a bit of perusing! Anyway the food was just fabulous and so too were the puddings. We had passed by this tiny pub in the past, but it was deceptively bigger on the inside. Next morning they were off and made it down to Sharpness for the night. Then they came back up and with their granddaughter  on board we waved them goodbye as they descended Gloucester Lock onto the River Severn. It was fantastic to meet up with them again as we really enjoy their company, bon voyage, until the next time!

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