Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mad Hatters T Party.

IMG_2261     IMG_2258

What a surprise, we caught up with our friends on Derwent6 and Piston Broke and were invited around to afternoon tea. Al had made a scrumptious Victoria Sandwich which had only just cooled down when she spread the jam and cream inside. The six of us were soon in deep discussions and splitting our sides laughing, sometimes bringing  tears to our eyes.


Alas it was all too brief an encounter and we said our goodbyes as we were headed in opposite directions. We will no doubt be meeting up again soon though.

IMG_2254     IMG_2255

The leaves are changing colour and being blown off the trees fairly quickly now as the weather turns colder. There are some lovely autumnal colours around to marvel at and quite a thick layer of leaves to brush off the boat every day too.

IMG_2264When we went canal-ambling I noticed a large box of windfall apples with a notice saying ‘help yourself’, so I did. I think they are Brambleys so they will make a delicious apple pie, or crumble. We also picked up the Nov Towpath Talk to read about the breaches on the Trent and Mersey Canal at Dutton and Croxton Flash. The repairs will be costly and not completed until early next year, apparently.

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