Sunday, 7 October 2012

Foxton Locks.

IMG_2197 Hillbrook Cottage

Hill Brook Cottage overlooks the bottom lock, bellow it is the Bridge 61 Pub and a Shop with a small Chandlery. We like walking around the locks area as there is usually plenty of activity and people to talk to.


  It is amazing how lock-wheelers quickly forget the sequence that the lock-keeper has told them to operate the paddles. Always wind up the paddle-gearing painted Red, before the White one, simples!  Also the gates should be closed before doing this, which doesn’t always happen.

IMG_2110 Foxton

The Cafe at the top of the locks sells a variety of lovely ice-cream and there always seems to be a mouth-watering smell of Bacon cooking. Freshly cooked hot snacks and drinks are readily available for boaters to enjoy while awaiting their turn in the locks.

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