Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Laptop lapse.

    IMG_2116     IMG_2117 Gale Mike

Sorry for the delay in our updates, but we had to find a new power supply for the computer which took a while. We pootled along to Debdale Wharf ready to have our bottom blacked. Another boat had been done, so we waited a bit before manoeuvring  into position under the gantry to be lifted from the water. The two slings were positioned underneath the hull and Mike raised it to clear the water in order to balance it. Gale had donned her wellies, hat and long waterproof apron to start the pressure washing.

IMG_2120 Meanwhile the other boat was pulled behind the tractor on a steerable trailer to be deposited on to one of the hard standings. Many tiny Muscles had attached themselves to our hull. The pressure wash soon cleared them off and we inspected the hull all round and found it was in fairly good nick. The propeller was a bit slack though, so Steve promptly came out and fixed that for us.

IMG_2132 on trestlesHere Oakfield is now upon the yellow trestles having her bottom plate done. Bottle took the opportunity to rub down the red tunnel band and re-paint it. The cream one will have to be done later on.

IMG_2135 on railway sleepersThe boat was then lowered down onto two piles of railway sleepers, very useful things that we have seen being used in a variety of different ways. The metal steps were wheeled in so that we could climb aboard to cook our evening meal and spend the night on board. We were hooked up to electricity and we were made very welcome during our stay here. As a thank you to the workers I got up early and baked some cakes for them to enjoy during their tea-breaks. Unfortunately they weren’t quite ready when Gordon and Gale came round to raise the boat again and we had to get off. So a bit later on saw me wobble up the ladder to tip-toe along to remove the cakes from the oven!


Boats arrived in the slipway for Diesel and Pump-outs while we were there, they are kept very busy here!


Mike and Gordon carried on with their new building where, sand blasting, boat painting, blacking and repairs can be done regardless of the weather!  Boat owners can hire a hard standing, or one of the new workshops to work on their own boats if they wish. Mike explained that boats will be transferred up here on a remote controlled trailer! We shall look forwards to seeing it in action on our next visit. Luckily it stayed bright and breezy for our bottom painting slot.   

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